A classic way of

Relaxing in warm water

Do you agree that a warm bath is the very epitome of relaxation?

The pleasant warmth, high-quality oils and essences, plus time in which there is absolutely nothing going on: these are the ingredients for a soothing bath.

And of course you decide spontaneously what is best for you: choose from our invigorating hay flower bath, the soothing lavender bath or the pampering chamomile bath, get into the water, close your eyes and relax.

An aromatic
lavender bath

Lavender does not only have a wonderful smell; it is also famous for its soothing effects.

This is the reason why it has been used for body treatments for ages. At least since the Romans its use in bathing has been proved: the word "lavender" and the Latin word for "washing", namely "lavare" have the same roots.

Stimulating hay bath

Can you think of a scent that is more invigorating than that of a new-mown mountain pasture? We can't. A hay bath supports your blood flow, detoxes, loosens up your muscels and stimulates your immune system.

At the same time it is very gentle: the valuable active ingredients become active in the consistently warm water; furthermore, the dried herbs and flowers are free from any added synthetic substances. Thus, relaxing in our hay baths is the problably most natural thing in the world.

Relaxing while
taking a chamomile bath

It soothes your skin and prevents catching a cold.

The chamomile is one of the most famous and versatile medical plants in the alps. It soothes the skin after minor injuries such as blisters, and also improves imperfections and inflammations. Chamomile has relaxing effects and can help you getting rid of a cold that you are about to catch.

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