Culinary highlights in line with nature

You will love the delicious treats from our kitchen and wine cellar!

We only serve the very best: for breakfast we pamper you with an impressive buffet, for dinner we serve wholesome culinary creations consisting of regional specialities, local classics and international dishes with a special twist.

And our creations will not only tempt your palate, but your eyes, too: the beautifully arranged dishes show our chef's attention to detail and will increase your appetite, the intense aromas will tempt your senses.

Our dishes owe their unique flavour to produce from our very own farm. Well, we won't compromise on quality!

Start the day in the
most delicious way

You love the smell of strong coffee or tea, fresh rolls and eggs frying in the pan?

So you will love our sumptuous breakfast buffet. It offers many culinary delights so that every day of your holidays will have a tasty start. Fresh bread an rolls, healthy food in the organic nook and various ways to prepare your eggs the way you like them best: we provide you with everything that makes your breakfast table the most beautiful place in the moring.

Fantastic set menus
in several courses

At the Wirler Hof, we definitely live to eat – and at dinner we celebrate this with 4-course set menus with your choice out of three different main dishes.

Of course we also provide you with an outstanding range of side salads. Many of the ingredients we use in our kitchen to prepare these wonderful meals are produce from our very own farm. Regional, of outstanding quality and of great taste – this is what the food we serve you is like.

Particular diet?

No problem!

You are a vegetarian, lactose-intolerant or you suffer from coeliac disease or diabetes? In case you have to follow a special diet or must not eat particular kinds of food, we offer you a varied range of alternatives both for breakfast as well as for dinner. Please let us know in advance.

Our partner company: House St. Gerold