Train your

Physical strength & endurance

State-of-the-art fitness equipment in a cosy atmosphere: Welcome to our gym!

You want to make progress in your workout plan also during your holidays? Use your time off for being active without depending on the weather? Our fitness room equipped with up-to-date exercise equipment is the ideal place to do so.

Here you can find modern equipment by Technogym for training your cardio system and your physical strength - just come in and challenge your endurance and strengthen your muscles.

While most classic gyms have a cool, sterile atmosphere, our fitness room welcomes you with a cosy flair.

your body

Aworkout to increase your physical strength is an essential aspect of improving your fitness.

You prefer doing your endurance training outdoors, for example by going hiking or jogging on our picturesque hiking paths, while mountain-biking or doing winter sports on the slopes or the cross-country skiing trail? Moving your workout to practice your physical strength outdoors seems to be quite difficult. For this reason our gym provides you with a lot of equipment to train exactly those muscles you want to strengthen.

Frau trainiert in Sportkleidung auf einem Hometrainer im FitnessraumLaufband, Kraftstation, Ellipsentrainer und weitere Trainingsgeräte im Fitnessraum

Endurance training that does not depend on the weather

Thanks to our gym there are no more weather-connected excuses when it comes to your endurance training. Exercise bikes, cross trainers and a treadmill wait you to workout on them. They offer your the same training conditions with every weather. 3, 2, 1 - let's go!

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