Good for body and soul

Wellness holiday in Galtür

Immerse yourself in our recently renovated 800 m² wellness retreat!

Relax and gain new energy in our indoor adventure pool or in our modernised sauna area, while taking a nap in our vitality sun room or while working out in our perfectly equipped fitness room.

What about one of our soothing baths, one of our massages or a traditional ayurveda treatment? Whatever you prefer, we will pamper you from head to toe.

Immerse yourself in our completely renovated and modernised wellness area and experience relaxation, recuperation and regeneration.

Just drift

Discover the element of water in all its wonderful facets!

Our indoor adventure pool with a separate children's pool is a versatile world of well-being for all ages: while the kids are splashing about in the children's pool, their parents can always keep an eye on them. They exert themselves at the counter-current facility and enjoy the pleasures of the whirlpool and the natural rocks whirlpool.

The element fire gives
you vitality and energy

You can feel its effects both in the vitality sun room and in our multifaceted sauna village.

Equipped with a Tyrolean sauna, a Roman as well as an Ottoman steam room and a fragrant flower steam room, it offers warmth and well-being to suit everyone's taste.

Baths to enhance
your well-being

Here we combine marvellous fragrances with natural ingredients, spoiling warmth and a relaxed atmosphere.

Try our invigorating hay flower baths that improve your blood flow and strenghten your immune system, help your body detox and relax. Or do your prefer a soothing lavender bath or a tender chamomile bath that pampers your skin and helps you prevent catching a cold? Make a choice and be sure that with whatever option you go for, we will use every trick in the book of bathing to make you relax.

Relaxing in the true sense of the word:
Our massages and Ayurveda-treatments

Massages are the very epitome of relaxation, no matter if you pick a classic massage, a special treatment such as Lomi-Lomi-Nui or the Indian practice of Ayurveda.

They help you relax your muscles and lift blockades; thus, they pamper body and soul.

Enjoy some blissful silence

Do you know the feeling when you just want to doze off for some minutes so that you will feel fresh and full of new energy afterwards? In your holidays you definitely have the time to do so. And our marvellous relaxation rooms and the vitality sun room create an atmosphere that is just perfect for a peaceful snooze.

Moving, working out, sweating:
Of course this is well-being, too.

For you, relaxation also means being active, moving and challenging your strength?

You will find everything you need for your workout in our gym.

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